Hell Hound Mechanical Box and Square RDA Kit


The Hell Hound Mechanical Box and Square RDA Kit is one of the newest innovations from Wulf Mods, the same company responsible for the ever-popular Lone Wulf mod. Wulf Mods has earned a place in the personal aromatherapy industry as a leader in the marketplace, and their dedication to producing the best vaporizer components has lead them to produce a kit unmatched in its power and convenience. The newest version of their Hell Hound kit has been completely revamped from the ground up, and it now takes advantage of several features that put it into a class all its own. The device is able to direct output an astonishing 7.4V, and it has an internal on/off switch that protects battery life and function. The mod also features integrated circuit protection, which ensures the device will last for as long as you need it.

The Hell Hound mod is made from the most premium metals available, including full copper connections for the battery compartment. Such connections provide full conductivity between the device and the dual 18650 batteries, which are not included with purchase. The box also comes with the Wulf logo printed on the side of the unit in brilliant gold. The ornate aesthetic combined with the powerful battery system provides a look that is as functional as it is appealing. The single button is placed in the perfect spot on the device in relation to the grip, which offers ergonomic support while vaping. Since the device only uses a single button, it is much simpler than other advanced units with the same features.

The Hell Hound RDA, which is also included with the kit, is just as important a factor as the mod itself. This RDA is nearly identical to the Lone Wulf RDA, but it comes in a square shape, as opposed to the rounded exterior of the Lone Wulf. The new shaped provides a small amount of additional space to work while changing out the coils within this atomizer. The RDA is built with dual negative posts, so you can easily create coils that will provide immense vaporization.

Features of the Hell Hound Mechanical Box and Square RDA Kit:

  • Includes Hell Hound Mechanical Box Mod and Hell Hound RDA
  • American Design
  • Premium Materials
  • 7.4V Direct Output
  • Vented Covers
  • Circuit Protection
  • Internal On/Off Switch
  • Compatible with 18650 Batteries
  • 510 Thread

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