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Wulf Vape Digital Dry Vaporizer

The Wulf Vape Digital Dry Vaporizer is the new pinnacle of portable vaporizers from Wulf Mods. They have taken their immense experience in the personal aromatherapy industry and combined it into a single device. This pen-style vaporizer has an ergonomic shape for more comfortable handling, a digital display for the temperature setting, and a longer runtime than any of its predecessors. However, the most impressive thing about this vaporizer is that it can be used with dried herbaceous blends, as opposed to the standard e-liquids or wax concentrates that other portable vaporizers require.

It only takes about 90 seconds for the heating element within the Wulf Vape to heat to your desired temperature setting. The system is designed with a double circulation pathway that provides smooth, consistent vaporization of any aromatic blend. The powerful device is able to reach temperatures between 200 degrees F and 428 degrees F, so you’ll be sure to find a setting that works for you.

$100 $60