Wulf Vape SX Dry Vaporizer


The Wulf SX Dry Vaporizer is the ideal choice for your dried herb or oil vaporizing needs. It is convenient, easy to load, lightweight, and fits into the palm of your hand. It has a short heating up cycle, and it will be ready to use in little time. The vapor that you will get from this device will be consistent and full of flavor. It definitely gets the job done in a highly efficient and effective manner.

$72.00 $119.00

This product comes highly recommended by dried herb and THC oil vaping enthusiasts everywhere. The Wulf Vape SX Dry Vaporizer is made of the highest quality stainless steel parts. It is therefore highly durable. The chamber and heating device won’t wear out for a long, long time. You won’t be let down far into the future after purchasing this awesome dry herb and oil dual purpose vaporizer.

Designed specifically to deliver the highest levels of THC from dried buds and oils, this handheld and pocket sized vape pen will be a hit. Fun for passing between friends, this little vaporizer is sure to be enjoyed by many vaping enthusiasts alike.

Try this ideal vape pen today. It is made with consideration for both oils and dried buds in mind. It captures the full potential of the bud or oil and delivers it in a concentrated and tasty form. You are sure to enjoy this awesome vaping product for a long time to come.


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